Sweet Dreams Zine #01

2 ratings

Close your eyes and come to sleep tonight, and the Nightmare Pixie will take you away into another time and another place and show you all the horrible dreams and nightmares you've been too afraid to ask for!

My debut Sweet Dreams Zine, a collaborative naughty anthology created with my Subscribers. With two Feature Stories created improvisationally using discussion, prompts, and votes each page, we are taken along with the collective subconscious desires. You'll find also snacky standalone naughtiness, and text-free short stories, as well as some other goodies, including a guest artist comic strip from PyperHaylie!

The feature stories (The Filth Affliction, and Letters from Paradise) will become mostly available to the public on weekly release. A couple of bonus pages will remain exclusive to the Zine, but they don't affect the story. Everything else can only be found within this Zine!

Note that this Zine is extremely NSFW and contains all manner of sordid and horrible kinks and scenarios, including some violent and extreme content. Everything within this is fantasy and filthy escapism only, and does not condone or encourage anything resembling this in real life.

If you don't like bdsm, bondage, noncon, horror, weirdness, exploitation, gross stuff, or any other extreme kinks, then these sweet dreams are not for you!

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Naughtiness and Stories within this Sweet Dreams Zine

The Filth Affliction
14 pages
Letters from Paradise
11 pages
Invite It Inside
6 pages
Wanted ~~ Alive!
4 pages
Short'n'Sweet Dreams
4 shorts
Kinky Fashion
3 pages
Guest Comic (by PyperHaylie)
1 page
177 MB
61 pages


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Sweet Dreams Zine #01

2 ratings
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